Felt Board Story: My Mother’s Got Me Bundled Up


December 11, 2012 by Andrea


I found this poem in Jack Prelutsky’s It’s Snowing It’s Snowing. I love how silly it is and thought it’d make a great layering felt board story. I should’ve made the pieces even more rounded so by the end he’s one great round ball, but this is how he came out. The boy is probably about 3″ x 6″ so the photos make him look a bit smaller.


My Mother's Bundled Me 1

My Mother's Bundled Me 2







My Mother’s Got Me Bundled Up
By: Jack Prelutsky

My mother’s got me bundled up in tons of winter clothes,
you could not recognize me
if I did not have a nose.

I’d wear much less but she’d get mad,
if I dared to disobey her,
so I stay wrapped from head to toe in layer after layer.

I am wearing extra sweaters,
I am wearing extra socks,
My galoshes are so heavy
that my ankles feel like rocks.

I am wearing scarves and earmuffs.
I am wearing itchy pants,
my legs feel like they’re swarming
with a million tiny ants.

My mittens are enormous
and my coat weighs more than me,
my woolen hat and ski mask
make it difficult to see.

It’s hard to move, and when I try
I waddle, then I flop,
I’m the living, breathing model
of a walking clothing shop.


2 thoughts on “Felt Board Story: My Mother’s Got Me Bundled Up

  1. It’s a fun poem, thanks for sharing. I may use this in an overdressed storytime to follow Froggy Gets Dressed!

  2. This is also great for those of us working with common core!

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