Holly Jolly Holidays!

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December 12, 2012 by Andrea

Here is my holiday story time…mostly Santa but I represent Kwanzaa and Hanukkah so I think it’s ok. I know there is large debate about what’s allowed or not in terms of Christmas or holiday themed storytimes. I do not do anything religious but just try to educate about any holiday or words or anytihng the kids don’t know about while storytelling.

I opened with The Runaway Latkes by Leslie Kimmelman which at my old library was received so well kids wanted me to read it in February…but hear it was “eh” I tried to explain latkes as hash browns which somewhat took a detour when one little girl said she tried a latke and wanted to spit it in her mom’s face…..delightful. 

After runaway latkes I played “Little Fox, Little Fox, Are you in the _______ box?” which is always an interesting dance of keeping little grubby hands off the other boxes while we look for the fox…and also to stall them while we say the rhyme. Luckily as a reward for finding the fox, we got out the jingle bells. Always a big hit, and since, the average age of my “preschool” storytime is probably now about 20 months in my morning session and 4 in the afternoon, it was good to have something that worked for all ages. We sang:

Ring Those Bells
(Tune: Jimmy Crack Corn)
Ring those bells and turn around,
Ring those bells and turn around,
Ring those bells and turn around,
Holiday time is here!
Addt’l: and stamp your feet, jump up high, touch the floor

Which was a big hit when hitting the last line of the verse…and also a great segue into the next book, Jingle-Jingle by Nicola Smee.

The kids kept their bells and rang them everytime I said jingle…or just any time at all, but it was a short book so it didn’t really interrupt the text. Then with the bells, we sang another song:

Bells on the Sleigh-song
(sung to “The Wheels on the Bus”)
The bells on the sleigh go ring, ring, ring
 Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring
 The bells on the sleigh go ring, ring, ring
 All through the sky.     

 The reindeer on the sleigh fly way up high…
The snow on the sleigh falls gently down… 
 The driver on the sleigh says “Ho, ho, ho!”…

It went really well too, with the kids shaking the bells upwards, downwards and all around. When the bells were away, I did the Cut and Tell story “Searching for a Star” which has an old man who lives in a hut on a hill going up and down mountains looking for a star to keep him company. He finally sees a star down the valley in a house and ta-dah! the star is the top of a Christmas tree. This reveal went really well as the humps looked so much like mountain peaks during the story.

After the cut and tell, “Old Lady who Swallowed a Candle” came out which entertained everyone, maybe more so the parents which is fine. I’m excited to bring her out again for the Cold lady who swallowed some snow in a month or so.

And then finallllly, I finished with Santa’s Stuck by Rhonda Greene

which got all the kids super giggly and sticking their booties in the air after I mistakenly pointed out Santa’s large behind.

aaaaand then it was goodbye song and the end. After typing all this out and how dry my throat got, it was a bit ambitious by I have a few weeks off story time to recover during our holiday break.


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