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December 12, 2012 by Andrea

This was a fun prelude to the holidays story time…I heard a lot about Elves on Shelves (plural because many families told me about where their elf was). I have done this story time a couple of times, once even for a job interview, which I didn’t get the job….hmm I don’t think it was because of this story time. But anyway, my point is I’ve used “No David!” by David Shannon previously.

Hello Song: If You’re Happy and You know It

Book: Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry by Samantha Berger; It’s always done well and gets some audible gasps that she doesn’t say sorry. I think there’s also Martha doesn’t share.

Song: Little Bunny Foo Foo  Disney Silly Songs CD; This version worked well except I had to explain that this bunny doesn’t bop on the head (which is my favorite part) but kisses…The CD least has the kiss be a big ol’smackaroo so it’s fun. One boy even came to story time again (I do them 9:30 & 10:30 specifically for Bunny foo foo.)

Cut and Tell: I did a cut and tell about a spoiled princess who never says thank you. It was a good segue from Martha. Basically, the spoiled princess walks through the town going in and out of store demanding the best flower, toy, kitten, and baked good and leaves without saying thankyou. The baker final teaches her a lesson by putting a hairy gross, ta-dah!, spider in her bag which teaches her to always have manners and say thank you….i think.

Book: I did 1000 Times No for my older kids because I thought all the different languages and images would be funny. This one would maybe be better for one on one sharing that story time.

Song: We danced to Mama Don’t Allow from Two of a Kind; It was actually a really fun song, a tad long but the kids loved the movements. I pre-demonstrated all the movements although I’m not sure if I was supposed to play bass guitar or an upright bass but I don’t think it matters. We also had a little trouble knowing what a saxophone is.

Book: Bossy Bear by David Horvath; I liked the simplicity of this book, with not much text or crazy illustrations. It led to a pretty interesting discussion of what the word bossy means and lots of kids telling that they are not bossy, but their mom is the boss..ha!

I liked this theme cause there were a lot of options for books and it didn’t have to be so holiday-ey to still relate to the time of year.


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