Felt Board Game: Be Mine, Be Mine Sweet Valentine


January 22, 2013 by Andrea

This poem/felt board is based off the book by Sarah Weeks, Be Mine, Be Mine, Sweet Valentine. I added some other animals because I knew they were easy to make/a treat had a good rhyme. (I didn’t include a red bandana monkey getting a banana.) Weeks’ book has some other animals including a child getting candy at the end. Lots of potential for guessing, either first line of the couplet then guess the treat…or, say the rhyme and put up the treat while guessing which animal it goes with. (Bear soon to come.)


Be mine, be mine, be mine alone.
Sweet Valentine for you….a bone!

Be mine, be mine, I’ll give big hugs.
Sweet Valentine for you….some bugs!

Be mine, be mine, love me if you please.
Sweet Valentine for you…some cheese!

Be mine, be mine, I won’t take a pass.
Sweet Valentine for you….some grass!

Be mine, be mine, Please make my day.
Sweet Valentine for you…some hay!

Be mine, be mine, laugh ‘till we squirm.
Sweet Valentine for you…a worm!

Be mine, be mine, you’re so funny.
Sweet Valentine for you…some honey!


5 thoughts on “Felt Board Game: Be Mine, Be Mine Sweet Valentine

  1. ~ K ~ says:

    This is adorable and a perfect little preschool game! I hope I have time to make this for my Valentine programs this year. :o)

    I might just make enough treats so that I can pass them out to all of my storytime friends. Then each child can bring the correct treat up and place it on the board next to the animal it goes with. My storytime friends love to be able to participate like that. ❤

    Thanks for sharing this week. It is a beautiful flannel set!
    ~ K ~

  2. Lisa Mulvenna says:

    This was great! I also like that you can make it longer or shorter, depending on your group that day. P.S. You have the BEST BLOG NAME EVER!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks! I had made a sign for a dinosaur book display with Bob Shea’s Dino vs…..”Dinosaurs in the Library” and it’s hanging next to my desk. When I setup the blog, it’s the first thing I saw/came to mind.

  3. Dorothy says:

    This is such a cute flannel board! I especially love how you did the mouse and its ears!

    • Andrea says:

      thanks!! i actually used that style mouse for a holiday craft with our two year olds….add googly eyes, a sparkly pompom nose and a candy cane tail!! big hit!!

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