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March 28, 2013 by Andrea

I recently wrapped up a 4 week Art Explorers program for ages 4-7…while it was a LOT of work to organize, it was really great to share books, artists, and art with kids!

I was a bit ambitious and planned two artists/projects per session, except for the second and fourth week. For each artist, the kids saw a slideshow of their work, heard a picture book (story based, not a biography) and then created a piece of their own artwork. The fourth session featured one artist and then an art reception where all the work was hung on the walls and ribbons were given to each artist. It was also a great opportunity to buy Rainbow Chips Deluxe cookies!

Week 1:
Claude Monet, Monet’s Impressions, Crayon Resistance Water Color Painting
Georges Seurat, Katie’s Sunday Afternoon, Q Tip Painting

Week 2:
Vincent Van Gogh, Van Gogh’s Colors, Starry Night Finger Painting

Week 3:
Pablo Picasso, The Girl With the Ponytail, Cell Collage
Jackson Pollock, Action Jackson, Drip/Splatter Painting

Week 4:
Piet Mondrian, Coppernickel Goes Mondrian, Ruler Coloring

We are lucky enough to have a large programming space where we could setup both crafts in two different areas for 20 kids. That gave us time to switch right from one artist to the other without extra setup time. The Mondrian book was the toughest to use, as I think it was orginally written in Dutch…and I thought the Picasso book would be too long, but the kids LOVED the final pages where the real life girl and Picasso are shown. The art reception at the end was a great hit with the kids, the parents, and our Director. I played a slideshow of photos so they could look at both the art and some of our “process”. Parents were already asking when we’ll do it again.


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