Felt Board Game: Kite I Spy


April 5, 2013 by Andrea

Kite I Spy Flannel Board Game


Pretty Kite, pretty kite, almost out of sight.
What do you spy, in the bright blue sky? 

Shining bright, we can play and have fun,
Keeping us warm, it’s the big, round _____. (SUN)

It’s beautiful song is something we’ve heard,
Tweet, tweet, says my flying friend the ______. (BIRD)

 Hazy and lazy, it shades a crowd,
Like a big marshmallow puff is a ______. (CLOUD)

It soars through the air, faster than a train,
The pilot’s the captain of the fast ______. (AIRPLANE)

Take a wonderful ride, a colorful afternoon,
Strings and a basket on the _____________. (HOT AIR BALLOON)


2 thoughts on “Felt Board Game: Kite I Spy

  1. I love these guessing game rhyme/flannelboards. I can just see the little wheels turning in their little heads when we play these games! I love this one, thanks for sharing.

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