Dig Into Reading Decoration: Paper Fairy House!

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May 10, 2013 by Andrea

Cardboard fairy tree stump!!!! For a whimsical gnome/mushroom/magical forest ground floor to go over our cabinets in the Children’s Room. I tried to take pictures as I went along.

First I taped some old cardboard into a ring.

fairy tree stump

Then I draped the ring with brown packing paper.

 fairy tree stump

 I used masking tape and some double sided tape on the seam and tried to scrunch the paper into a woodsy look.

fairy tree stump

Where my paper couldn’t reach, I put in my door. I basically just cut some red construction paper to fit over the space, then taped on a scrunched piece to look like the frame.

fairy tree stump

I added some lines and a doorknob and worked at taping together any gaps.

fairy tree stump

One of my coworkers asked if I was making atrash can or a stump, then suggested it needed moss. So I used the only two pieces of green tissue paper I have up at my desk and scrunched them to look like moss. I think the effect worked well. And VOILA!! a fairy house that’s fairly simple to make!

fairy tree stump


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