Felt Board Story: Very Hungry Caterpillar


May 24, 2013 by Andrea

Obviously not the newest or most innovative pieces ever, but my Hungry Caterpillar set does have some good recyclable ideas. The Cardboard Caterpillar was a giveaway at some library workshop and I knew I could use it for retelling…I pull it out at the end of the story after he eats and is a BIG caterpillar. The large brown piece goes over him as the cocoon or chrysallis as all my smarty pants kids say, and then  I flip the whole thing over to reveal the coffee filter butterfly I’ve been hiding.


The food pieces were actually easier to make than they look thanks to my secret material….old ribbon spools!!! We had shoeboxes full of empty cardboard ribbon spools just waiting to be used. I pulled them apart, drew the food and then collaged on tissue paper to recreate that Eric Carle look. The best part was not having to cut a hole for the nibbling because the ribbon spool already had it!! The little caterpillar is my favorite piece (narrowly beating out the lollipop!) which I simply taped on frayed yarn to give his furry figure!


2 thoughts on “Felt Board Story: Very Hungry Caterpillar

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  2. Love your pieces for Hungry Caterpillar! Thanks for sharing. I’m interested in the tissue paper collage look. Especially like the coffee filter butterfly!

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