New for Fall : Discovery Bottles!!


August 13, 2013 by Andrea

Yes, I/we are jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon and creating a collection of discovery bottles for the Library. We will set up a small table by our Children’s Desk and have a few bottles out to play with. So far, I have planned out and am awaiting signage to be returned from our laminator. The area itself will be called “Discovery Station” that way if we feel really brave in the future we can do different items, not just the bottles. I am making three types of bottles:

1) I Spy Bottles: Just your basic throw a bunch of junk in a bottle with (probably) colored rice. I am starting with a Fall theme and have been gathering supplies for a Farm, Jungle/Zoo and Valentine’s Day as well. The items in the bottle will be photocopied on a laminated sheet so they know what to look for.

2) Science Bottles: These bottles will feature some sort of scientific principle. Right now, I have two magnetism planned. One with lifting pipe cleaners and another bottle that asks which will stick? Other ideas involve static electricity and oil and water mixing.

3) Book Bottles: MY FAVORITE! So basically I will take popular children’s books and scan their images into small squares. I will also take sight words from the story and put them on small squares. The bottle will then have images and words so kids can either try to match the characters/images from the bottle to the “Can You Find…?” sheet OR for a harder challenge, match the sight word to the image.

If that’s a really terrible description here is my example:

For the book “Are You My Mother?” I have images of the mother, egg, kitten, hen, dog, etc. There is a sign asking “Can You Find..?” with all these images from the story. In the accompanying bottle are 1.5″x1.5″ squares with the images and also squares with just the words. SO it’s a bit of literacy matching! In the works already are Goodnight Moon, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and color matching with Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do you See?

Brown Bear Discovery I Spy Bottle


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