Time Travelers: October 28

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October 30, 2013 by Andrea

So in keeping with our NF+Activity series (we’ve done art, math and science so far), we are doing a history based program called Time Travelers. The premise is basically ” This day in history…” with a book and activity based off some big (non-super-violent) that happened in the past.

I started the program by making a timeline. I did this because with grades ranging from 1-3, I wasn’t sure if they’d grasp the concept of “in the past”. So I put this year on the chart and then put their years of birth….some weren’t sure what year they were born, awkward. I also put myself and my fellow librarian which in our late 20s, early 30s are not thatttt old but the lines were farther down from their 2000s birth years.

Our first year activity was 1775. The exact event was a proclamation from a British general that decreed citizens must stay in Boston and offered food and protection for citizens willing to fight for England. I gave very brief background information on the Revolution and used the metaphor of parents giving you a lot of rules….sorry parents. I then read the actual proclamation while passing around a printed photo of the document. The language was really hard to grasp but that was semi the point and allowed me to jump into our activity. We did an activity called the Kings M&M’s a fun role playing game where the kids lose M&M’s based off different unfair “taxes”.

The next year we went to was 1886, which was the date of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty. I used the book Naming Liberty by Jane Yolen, but only reading Bartholdi’s story to shorten the length. The activity was then creating Statue of Liberty bookmarks.I premade the tassels, and my partner took photos of the kids with a torch, book and crown…..we had a little printing snafu so I actually completed the bookmarks after the session so the kids haven’t seen them yet.

The other thing I made to keep them busy, while waiting for the photos that never printed, was Travel Logs. These are little quarter sheet booklets that feature a spot to record the year and then a large space to either draw or write what we talked about for that year. This is so they hopefully remember what the heck we’ve been doing.

The program went really well up until the printing issues at the end. I’m excited for next week as we will get out of the tiny story time room and into our larger programming space.


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