Time Travelers: November 4

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November 6, 2013 by Andrea

This week was the biggest success for me yet! Not only were both activities really fun, but my timing was right on!! Phew.

We started with November 4, 1922 which was when Howard Carter first discovered King TUt’s tomb. Besides me stumbling over almost every name in the book, and trying to breeze over the super gross or spooky stuff, it went really well! I used Tut’s Deadly Tomb by Natalie Lunis. Our super fun activity was Partner Mummy-ing. Each pair got two rolls and about four minutes. It was very creative and high energy for this group which was great….pretty chaotic but we were downstairs in a large room so it wouldn’t bother anyone.

Our next event was November 4, 2008 which was the day President Obama was elected. I read Yes We Can a picture book version of his victory speech. We then did a group Mad Libs of his Inaugural Address. I can post the Publisher File we used. The kids and myself were dying laughing and they all got to take a blank one home.

They wrapped up by filling out their Travel Logs and getting their bookmarks from last week! Success!


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