Time Travelers: 1493 & 1928

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November 19, 2013 by Andrea

Our final Time Travelers!! This four week session went faster than any other we’ve done!

We wrapped up with activities featuring Christopher Columbus and the theatrical release of Steamboat Willie. I fudged a little bit with Columbus, because his famous voyage was 1492 but on November 18, 1493 he spotted Puerto Rico so I just used that anyway. I read In 1492 by Jean Marzollo, which was really simple for our crowd. What worked well was reading the couplets and letting the kids fill in the last word. It’s a pretty good book, featuring some facts for such a little amount of text. Our activity was just to draw maps on brown paper bags. I admit it, it’s lame…but it was really the best I could come up with short of creating a human size version of either the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria. They actually seemed to enjoy looking at the maps, because I put one map up featuring where Columbus thought he was headed and one map of what the journey actually did.

They spent some time coloring the maps and then moved on to the much anticipated showing of Steamboat Willie. I didn’t use a book because I still consider the original cartoon a primary source…(and it was our last session), so we watched the whole 7 minutes and I think the kids really enjoyed the retro-humor. Our activity was to play a sort of sound charades using power point. I projected onto the screen an image/sound name and one child was standing with his back to the screen facing everyone in their seats. Everyone in their seats then made the noises and the child had to guess. Some of the guesses and faces the kids made while making noises were pretty funny.

They wrapped up with their Time Travel logs and headed home! Another book+topic session in the books!!!



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