2 Year Old Story Time Plan: Feeling Fun

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January 28, 2014 by Andrea

oooooo scandalous title! This story time actually went better than I thought, we were forced downstairs in our large programming space due to pipe issues, which gave me time to experiment with the box labeled “Bubble Machine” in our craft closet. And what a fun way to end a story time on the sense of touch! The books worked better than I thought as well. The Tana Hoban is wordless (popular trend with the Caldecott this year) which let me jump to photos the kids recognized and had easier description words…shiny, smooth, rough, etc.

If You’re Happy and You Know It
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands

BOOK:     Is it Rough? Is it Smooth? Is it Shiny?, Tana Hoban

RHYME:     Touch Your Nose
Touch your nose
Touch your chin
That’s the way this game begins.
Touch your eyes
Touch your knees
Now pretend you’re going to sneeze.
Touch your hair
Touch one ear
Touch your two red lips right here.
Touch your elbows where they bend
That’s the way this touch game ends.

MUSIC:       Stop & Go, Greg & Steve, Shake, Rattle Rock               

BOOK:          I Touch, Rachel Isadora

RHYME:     Open, Shut Them

MUSIC:          Bean Bag Rock, Kimbo, Bean Bag Activties      

END 1:          Share different textures: foil, bubble wrap, sandpaper, ribbon, cotton ball, felt, cotton

END 2:          BUBBLES!!


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