2 Year Old Storytime Plan: Apple Dapple Doo


September 29, 2014 by Andrea

ok…well, a summer later and I’m back! Apples for 2s….I’d give this one an “eh”. I forget how young this group tends to be.


BOOK: Ouch! With puppet

RHYME: Five little apples hanging in a tree,
Teasing Mr. Slinky Worm “You can’t eat me!”
Along comes Mr. Slinky Worm as quiet as can be. . .
And . . . CRUNCH!
(Repeat with 4, 3, 2, 1)

BOOK: Chicka, chicka, 1, 2, 3

MUSIC: Five Green Apples Sharon, Lois and Bram

BOOK: Ten Apples Up On Top

SONG: Can’t Wait to Celebrate, Jim Gill
Farmer Brown had five green apples
Hanging on his tree.
Farmer Brown had five green apples
Hanging on his tree.
And he plucked one apple
(remove apple from tree)
And ate it hungrily.
(place core on bottom of board)
Leaving four green apples
Hanging on his tree.

Reasons this did not go well:

1.) Our iPod listed the wrong track title for the Five Green Apples…curse you Apple! This song went much better for the 10:30 group when I played what was listed as “Little Bunny Foo Foo” but was actually “Five Green Apples”

2.)I forgot how handsy this group was. I had hoped to use felt recreations for Ouch! and put them on the puppet but the second I put the puppet down to turn the page little hands would come grab him….which I’d rather have then spend time chasing after the puppet.

3.) I pretty much shortened each book…I dislike the role of zero in Chicka, I think it makes it too long, Ouch was a bit too wordy, and Ten Apples ends kinda funky….so moral of the story I picked the wrong books for this age. oh well!



One thought on “2 Year Old Storytime Plan: Apple Dapple Doo

  1. jennifer says:

    just found your blog. love the storytime plans! This is my first year as a librarian and I have preK through 3rd graders. I’m at a lost for what to do with the little ones. I love your ideas. ALso, I love that you put what didn’t go well. Glad to know we are all still human. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing.

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