Story Time Plan: Hallo-readers!

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October 27, 2014 by Andrea

Zany kids today….I love hearing about costumes this time of year. Seems like I planned a lot of stuff but was still a little short of a half hour. We wrapped up with bubbles and Halloween stickers.

BOOK:          Plumply Dumply Pumpkin

MUSIC:       Monster Boogie, Laurie Berkner with Shaker Eggs

FELT BOARD SONG:     Ten Little Monsters

RHYME:     Pumpkin, Pumpkin

Pumpkin, pumpkin sat on the wall.
Pumpkin, pumpkin tip and fall.
Pumpkin, pumpkin roll down the street.
Pumpkin, pumpkin trick or treat!

CUT AND TELL:             Witches House     

BOOK:          Pumpkin Heads

RHYME:                 Ring around the pumpkin Orange, big and round.
Pumpkin seeds, Pumpkin seeds We all fall down!

FELT BOARD:      Little Bat, Little Bat

SONG:          Can’t Wait to Celebrate, Jim Gill


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