Sensory Board!!!


January 23, 2015 by Andrea

We were approached by a local Eagle scout candidate who wanted to create a sensory board play area near our larger Family Place play area. Long long long story short, the board needed a re-do… in, no small pony beads or huge staples sticking out. Technically we would have wanted the Eagle scout (who seems to have disappeared) to fix the board, but it was a matter of pride and I needed to step in:

Sensory Board (1)

1. The board contains four embroidery hoops with various fabric textures (the zebra is the remaining circle from the scout so it is not reinforced liek the other hoops). I took the time to loop stitch around BOTH hoop and the extra fabrics so hopefully the hoops will not fall apart and the fabric will stay put. The embroidery hoops are attached via zip ties.

2. The rabbit is a glued mirror.

3. The lower right mirror is padded (from the scout). He had originally stapled velcro but our kids must be super strong so we were left with open staples. I stitched each corner with yarn, hoping that will be a more permenant fix.

4. Loofah and Tassel are reinforced with yarn and then zip tied on. The loofah I think will be the first to die, since its just a simple string holding it together, but it was from the dollar store so easy to replace.

5. The zippers and fringe are both running stitched on.

Here is a photo that include our books:

Sensory Board (2)


One thought on “Sensory Board!!!

  1. Andrea says:

    UPDATE: One of the cable ties broke, replaced easily.

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