Little Hands Love Art!

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March 10, 2015 by Andrea

Wow! What a fun program and an adorably cute group of babies! Luckily I belong to a New Moms group on Facebook so I was able to promote our even there and we had 14 babies show up for the program! Even better, we had a lot of dads accompany moms and babies which was one of the goals for the program.


  • Name tags for children and parents
  • Stations with signs/benefits around room
  • Music
  • Sensory pool
  • Book Display


  • Brief talk about expectations and why we are running the program
  • Point out bathrooms (but no changing station) and wipes

Station Explanation:

Paint Bags

Little Hands Art (7)

  1. Squirt paint onto paper inside freezer bag
  2. Squeeze/push and paint!
  3. Take out paper to dry, can use multiple pieces depending on paint amount

Paint dabbers

Little Hands Art (10)

  1. Mesh covered cotton balls attached to toilet paper rolls
  2. Dab dab dab

Contact paper Collages

Little Hands Art (3)

  1. Tissue paper + contact paper
  2. Stick on!


Little Hands Art (1)

  1. Edible, sculptable
  2. Can leave or take home in baggie
  3. Provide recipe

Colored Bottle Water

Little Hands Art (4)

My baby and husband at play!


  1. Food Dye in bottled water
  2. Great for littlest members

Sensory Pool:

Little Hands Art (14)

  1. Brushes
  2. Rollers
  3. Pom poms
  4. Buttons
  5. Feely fringe
  6. Pull String Coffee Cans

The Winner:

I think it was a tie between the sensory pool and the colored water bottles. The pool was just fun for the babies just to play with the inflated sides as well as feel the different textures. And the colored water bottles were bold, fun choices for this teething crowd.

The Loser:

The paint dabbig was a bit too advanced. i think in hindsight i would cover the whole table in paper and have them go at it. The point is to be messy but this got a little too messy.

The Takeaway:

The program accomplished my major goals. 1. To provide weekend programming for babies and 2. To show parents easy activities they can do at home with minimal supplies. Hooray!! Lots of parents thanked me for organizing the program and said they cannot wait till Little Hands Love Music (coming May 2015)


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