Storytime Plan: And away we go! (Transportation)

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March 23, 2015 by Andrea

This was actually an outreach plan, but I like it so much it will be my opening theme for the spring session. I also did not do half the stuff listed, ha. We never got to Who is Driving or Beep Beep…but it was because the kids were having too much fun with Don’t Squish and Transportation Yoga. I had the kids pull a card from my deck and we demo-ed each pose and then during The Pigeon Loves we redid some of the poses.


The Pigeon Loves Things That Go

Who is Driving? by Leo Timmers                                        J PICTURE TIM

Don’t Squish the Sasquatch

Dinosaur vs. Train by Chris Barton                                      J PICTURE BAR

iPAD:                        Baby Shark iPad Song

MUSIC:       Beep Beep, Mr. Eric & Mr. Michael


If You’re Happy and You Know It


Bicycle – Bicycle Pose.  Get those legs pedaling fast and slow!

Boat- Boat Pose.  Rock back and forth like a boat in the water!

Airplane– Airplane pose.  Do on both sides!

Skateboard – Warrior 2 pose.  Don’t wobble!

Hot Air Balloon – Hot Air Balloon Breathing.  Keep your hands on your stomach.  Breathe in and make your stomach into a balloon.  Breathe out!  Repeat.

Car – Sit in long sitting with your spine straight and legs in front of you.  Pretend that you are holding a steering wheel in front of you and drive!

Ship – Partner Boat Pose.  Larger then your regular boat!

Dump Truck – Star Pose.  Tip to your side like you are a dump truck. Do it on both sides!


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