Storytime Plan: Dot Day


September 15, 2015 by Andrea

Whoa, jumping on the dot bandwagon…but we had so much fun! Don’t Puush the Button was definitely the biggest hit in terms of books. At the end of the storytime, I gave out those dot label stickers (we have tons of extra since we’ve migrated from using dot stickers as classification labels to real labels). I had previously put clear contact paper on our storytime room doors and the kids put their stickers all over the windows. They had a blast!

Press Here
The Dot
Don’t Push the Button


Dog’s Colorful Day


There’s a Little Wheel a Turnin!, Laurie Berkner

Tuba Polka (Scarves), Backyardigans


One thought on “Storytime Plan: Dot Day

  1. Anglea says:

    LOVE this & I’m stealing it! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

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