Hamil-Teen Book Club: Introductory Meeting

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February 23, 2017 by Andrea

In 2017, Radnor Memorial Library received a grant to create an awesome book club. Find more information here.

For our introductory meeting, I wanted to int
roduce the kids to the format of the “book club” and really emphasize how amazing our activities would be. Kids would sign up for a book or session but each session had a book discussion+activity meeting and then a bigger, more fabulous meeting as well.

I provided pizza to our participants and held the meetings at 6:00PM on Friday, figuring most extracurriculars would be done/ less homework demands. I talked about how the book club worked while everyone ate and settled in, then came the games.

The first game was simply a character guessing game with Hamilton characters listed on post-its taped to their heads. Kids asked yes or no questions to guess their character. I knew which kids hadn’t heard of the show so I was able to give them simple characters like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson.16298547_1330736886970221_5457624499430008156_n

The most epic fun came from the lyric showdown the great Cate Weber at the Vienna Public Library put together. The kids LOVED it and broke into song at every/any turn. We did an “around the world “style battle where kids traveled around the room until they got a wrong answer….but then it just pretty much divulged into the more outgoing kids just singing as much as they knew.

We wrapped up and I handed out copies of The Crossover as our first discussion work at the next meeting.

Click here for our next meeting.




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