Hamil-Teen Book Club: The World Turned Upside Down

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March 7, 2017 by Andrea

Back for our discussion of a book about immigrant experience, I have to admit we did not really have time to discuss the specific book. I felt bad about that, but I did hear a lot of general comments about the book, (which was American Born Chinese by Gene Lang) so I know lots of kids read it. But then I did not feel bad since we had a great discussion/meeting facilitated by an educator from the National Liberty Museum.

IMG_4072She began the meeting by handing out a bingo sheet then giving the instructions for the activity in Korean. I had been warned but the tables full of giggly little girls looked uncomfortably at each other while they tried to figure out what to do. My very favorite part was that the shyest girl of all, actually spoke Korean! So after about ten minutes of the group failing, the girl turns to me in an almost whisper and says,” I understand what she’s saying.” To which I replied, ” I know you did! Speak up!!”

It was a great exercise and discussion went from there about how it feels to be an immigrant. We then watched clips from Hamilton and dissected some of the lyrics to songs with references to immigrants. The meeting ending by creating a map of the US with different post-its and shapes listing what “American” means to us.

Sidenote: We also had Three Fundamental Fruits Salad and Angelica Food Cake, ideas found on Facebook.


Here are scenes from our very awesome cooking class at a local art center:

Wayne Art Center Cooking March 2017



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