Using Google Forms for Summer Reading Tracking

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April 7, 2017 by Andrea

Google forms! yes! free! good! easy!

Our Library has used Google Forms to register and log minutes in the summer.  Google Forms allows you to get any information you want (Name, Grade, School, etc.) and inputs the information into a Google Sheet. From there you can sort, add, or any other computation you want.

Things you need:
a Google account
– A place to link from / embed the form……We created an image with the logos that linked to a page which has the forms embedded….you could also just link directly to the Google form. The image was on our library’s website. (Hopefully that sentence is not too confusing, basically a picture on our website linked to the form)

How to begin:

Once you’ve logged in to your google account, find Google Forms from the apps menu (the little tiled logo in the top right corner). The templates are super easy to use and pretty straightforward. Once you’ve completed the form, the Send button is how you can share the link or embed the form on your site.Google Form

How I worked our club:

In terms of registering and logging minutes, I used two different forms, one to register and one to log. The registration log is where I gathered name, grade, school…and our logging form I gathered name, minutes read, and name of the book. I made both forms input to one sheet on separate tabs, so I could see all those who registered and then those who were logging books and minutes. I could easily sort the logging information by names and then used how many minutes the kids read to pull for raffle prizes. When you’re looking at your form, click the response button and then you’ll see a little Google Sheet icon or click the three dots to select a response destination and pick a sheet.

Here is our response sheet:

Google Form Response

The Best Features:

What’s really nice is you can share the sheets with any other staff member that has a gmail account….if you do not use gmail, you can just create a generic account for your department and share the login so everyone has access.

The sheets templates are really nice and fun, and you could even upload official CSLP artwork. and Google are all free!


  • Toy around with Google Forms to get familiar with how each button or short answer works. You can make some field required or some voluntary.
  • Google sheets works very similar to Excel, but there are some easier features. I find sorting better with Google sheets (it defaults to sorting the whole sheet rather than Excel which typically asks if you want to or not) and freezing part of the sheet easier by just using the little hand icon from the x or y axis.

Please feel free to email with any further questions or help needed!



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